Fecha de Nacimiento: 03/03/2019

RP: 9712

HBP: 928753

Criador: -

Broberg's RSOURCE D20 CCC WC Resource 417 P
Broberg's Ms Bluegrass A91
LT Madeline 6113 PLD LT Ledger 0332 P
LT Madeline 1090 PLD

  • As one of the high selling bulls at LT Ranch, Countdown is the product of a popular pedigree known for successful show calves and pasture standouts.
  • Countdown combines a smooth shoulder and front one-third, bold rib and level hip. He brings tremendous shape and overall power, while maintaining a balanced yet striking profile. Additionally he ranks in the Top 25% of the breed for CE, YW and Top 2% for TSI.
  • If you're searching for a Charolais sire who can be trusted for use on heifers or cows then consider this sire for your program. Use Countdown to add power, style and a complete blend of quality to your future progeny.